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We stock a range of Rubber-It products. Established in 2007 they are one of the first developers of Rubber sealing products. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a homeowner looking to save some money, we have the right products for you to tackle your roofing needs. Our selection includes a wide variety of high-quality materials, from waterproofing solutions to liquid sealants!


Metal Treat is crafted with an exceptional rust-block additive, offering comprehensive corrosion protection for various metal types.

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a premium acrylic water-based bonding primer and undercoat renowned for its exceptional flexibility and impact resistance on any surface it’s applied to. It excels in bonding with sandy plaster and floors while delivering impressive drying times for concrete surfaces. Trust Bond to enhance the durability and performance of your projects.


Introducing Multi Guard Rubber: the eco-friendly, single-component liquid rubber coating that shields against corrosion and rust. Easy to apply with no mixing needed, it’s the cost-effective choice for any roofing project. Available in Charcoal, White, Light Grey and Terracotta


stitch bond is a non-woven 100% polyester fabric, featuring an 80GSM weight. It’s specially designed to complement and enhance the performance of all our products

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