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We stock and supply Pine plywood and commercial hardwood ply in all thicknesses for general joinery, ship construction, garage doors and gates.


We stock a wide range of Meranti used in boat building, windows and doors. We also stock exotic imported timber for top quality furniture manufacturing, such as White Oak, European Beech, American Walnut, White Ash, Cherry, Maple and can supply any other exotic timber available on the global market.

Thermally Treated Decking

Now also available is thermally treated decking. This is Northern European pine treated with heat and steam to get rid of all the nutritional sugars and resin from the wood, making it extremely resistant against bacteria/mould and insects


The process also changes the wood's cell structure, making it very stable and moisture resistant.


Due to the process the wood does not expand and contract as other decking products do, making it ideal for Namibia's extreme temperature and moisture changes.

Magnesium Oxide Board

A Highly fire resistant (nearly fire proof) waterproof board that is asbestos and fungi free for use in drywalls, ceilings and facias

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